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Product Description



STAZE-ON Tattoo Stencil Gel


is a gel lotion that is formulated and tested to be non-toxic and safe for most people’s skin.


Staze-On makes your stencil go on clean and perfect every time, and keeps it on the skin throughout the tattoo.


With Staze-On, you won’t need to bloodline. If you should need to remove the stencil for repositioning, it can be removed with alcohol. Staze-On is a necessity in the tattoo shop, used by professional tattoo artists everyday all over the world.


Try Staze-On, and you will never want to use any other tattoo stencil transfer liquids. Available in a convenient 4 oz. bottle. Only $10.00 for a 4 oz. bottle plus shipping.








STAZE-ON Instructions


  1. Apply a few drops of Staze-On Tattoo Stencil Gel® into gloved hand, spreading evenly over prepared area until surface is damp, but not wet.
  2. Apply stencil to surface, holding 3 to 5 seconds.
  3. Remove stencil and allow to set approximately 10 to 12 minutes minutes.


While Working on Tattoo


  1. Work from the bottom up, occasionally wiping away excess tattoo ink.
  2. Avoid excessive wiping.
  3. Always wipe AWAY from the stencil area.




Use isopropyl rubbing alcohol. For best results do not allow to dry completely, because Staze-On is difficult to remove once it is dry. If you notice that you need to reposition, do so as quickly as possible.



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