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Why Did I Invent Staze-On?

Because I was tired of losing my stencil every time I did a tattoo. It seemed no matter how I applied stencil liquid, or which brand I used, the result was the same.


I started  toying around with different things to make my stencils stay put, even with a lot of wiping. I tried green soap and other kinds of soaps used in tattoo shops…antibacterials, peppermints, chopped up deodorant chunks for single use, but the results were always the same. My stencil wiped off too easily.


After several months of concocting different recipes and ingredients, I finally hit upon a solution that was not only deodorant free, but this stuff really worked! Thus, Staze-On Tattoo Stencil Gel  was born. I tested this for several months in my own shop, and sent out samples to several artists across the country for them to test and give me feedback.


The result was every tattooer that tested it really liked it, and they all agreed that this formula was a winner. I hope you will give Staze-On a try!


You won’t ever want to use any other stencil liquid again!




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